Silent partner: Morton and Penn in Sweet and Lowdown.
photo: John Clifford
Silent partner: Morton and Penn in Sweet and Lowdown.


Sweet and Lowdown
Written and directed by Woody Allen
A Sony Pictures Classics release
Opens December 3

Wisconsin Death Trip
Written and directed by James Marsh
A Cinemax Reel Life and BBC Arena release
At Film Forum
Through December 14

Marsh, a British documentary filmmaker for the stylish Arena series, uses the original photos and newspaper texts, fleshing them out, as it were, with film reenactments and also adding documentary footage of Black Falls today—the highlights of which include an interview with the homecoming queen, some people in a bar discussing who else but that Wisconsin celebrity Ed Gein, and a woman getting drunk on church wine. Am I being selective? You bet, but not half as much as Marsh, whose contempt for weirdo Americans and for the German and Scandinavian immigrants who settled Black Falls leaks all over the film.

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