The Shame of Book Publishing

A Necessary Burning of Books

But there is a risk in relying on the Internet for news. In his valuable book, The Control Revolution: How the Internet Is Putting Individuals in Charge and Changing the World We Know (Public Affairs), Andrew Shapiro presents this cautionary note:

Along with a steady increase in available information, there will correspondingly be "an increase in the number of mendacious smears, dangerous distortions, and wacky conspiracy theories that float around. The split-second speed at which digital material can be distributed anywhere allows these half-truths and lies to spread instantly and with little time for verification.

"This increases the pressure on all content providers, including the most venerable journalists and media organizations, to cut corners and lower standards in order to get the story first—or at least not to lag far behind."

Untruth in publishing
Untruth in publishing

Coming attraction: How far can you trust daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television, or the venerable but now conglomerated book publishers?

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