Right-Wing Kingpin Gets Canned

The ‘Post’ Won’t Miss Podhoretz

The Salon piece offered scant news. Instead, Susan Lehman prompted Tina to call the Unabomber thesis "a fabrication" and the DiCaprio story "ludicrous." And Salon let Tina get away with some squishy answers, like when she said the Leo cover was a done deal "before Harvey got into it by offering Leo a part." (Actually, DiCaprio signed on to Gangs months ago. What Tina meant was that she got Leo for Talk before Harvey committed to Gangs.)

On Friday, the Post's Keith Kelly recast the Salon story as a catfight, splashing photos of Tina and Kuczynski across a full page. It's true that the Times has cooled on Talk, but the Post's thesis about Kuczynski's motive was pure speculation. Worst of all, the tabloid had Tina accusing the Times of running a "fabrication" by repeating the Unabomber story—even though Kuczynski's piece didn't mention the Unabomber!

The Voice and Brill's Content broke the Unabomber story, and both publications stand by it.


  • Who's up, who's down, who's coming to dinner? The Nation has stolen William Greider from Rolling Stone, American Lawyer has nabbed Tony Mauro from USA Today, and Russ Smith has fired Michael Gentile, longtime art director for the New York Press. Apparently Gentile had become obsolete on account of the new redesign. . . . * On December 2, ABC News reporter John Cochran hosted a dinner for Al Gore and a posse of journalists at his home in Washington, D.C. But it was reported in USA Today and elsewhere last week that Cochran is a Gore friend who will soon cover the Gore campaign. Isn't that a conflict of interest? "Obviously, we thought the dinner was appropriate or we wouldn't have let it happen," says an ABC spokesperson. She adds that Cochran is not covering Gore now, and may or may not cover him in the future.
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