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As the sales and marketing manager for a U.S. corporation, I'd like to thank you for publishing Lenora Todaro's article "World Trade War" [November 30]. It should be required reading for all Americans.

Tim Leroi
Santa Cruz, California

Active Voice

Re Lenora Todaro's "World Trade War": While it's true there is a group in New York that calls itself Reclaim the Streets, Reclaim the Streets is not "based in New York." Todaro refers to the New York group's Web site as if it were the Web site of this "network of activists," when it is one among many. Not a group of any kind, Reclaim the Streets is a sort of political street party that originated in England in the early '90s and has recently been adopted in New York. Reclaim the Streets is a verb, not a noun.

Bill Brown


  • In J.A. Lobbia's "Tricks of the Trade" (December 7), it was reported that 446 Realty Company had claimed in a 1997 letter to a state housing agency that it had spent more than $600,000 to renovate a Chelsea building; in fact, the firm reported it spent $63,000 per unit.

  • The photograph of Quentin Crisp which accompanied an obituary by Michael Musto in last week's issue was taken by David Gahr.

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