Hot Potato Sex!

Pommela's artistic mission doesn't preclude economic reality: Let's face it, she needs spud money. She's found a way to make her art pay off. She sells memberships to her Web site for $9.95 for two months. She currently has 123 members, and is proud that she just signed up her first female. For $95, less than the cost of a night at a strip club, a man can send Pommela a photo of his dick, from which she will carve a realistic potato representation. Then she'll jerk off with the pet potato cock, send him the cum-soaked spud penis, a photo of her doing herself with it, and her cum-soaked panties. Since the Web site launched in June, she's received eight orders for custom cocks. She also performs private hot-potato sex shows; that'll run you $500, plus travel and hotel expenses.

Pommela gave me the pet potatoes as souvenirs of our meeting, and they sit side by side in a plastic Hilton shower cap in my refriger-ator. (They last for about 11 hours without refrigeration; you can also freeze them.) I take them out and show them to friends when they come to my apartment—everyone is in awe of the detail and realism. I'll never look at a potato the same way again.

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