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It was our currentmayor who got to speak at funnyman Joey Adams's funeral which, between the tears, was sort of like a gigantic Friar's roast, but more A-list. Even the rabbi cracked a few jokes, though he seriously welcomed "Mr. Mayor and the First Lady," prompting everyone to think, "Wow, this event is so powerful, it brought Rudy and Hillary together!" When we realized he actually meant the First Lady of New York, everyone thought, "Wow, this event is so powerful, it brought Rudy and his wifetogether!"

Finally, bringing Matt Damon and a knife together, The Talented Mr. Ripleyis sleek, chic, and hypnotic enough to have me considering bathtub chess as a viable sport, but can we kindly give a rest to the gay as tortured psycho killer? Damon's baby-faced Ripley is even more homosexual than in the original flick, being hot for and involved with men, not to mention mincing around in front of a mirror when he thinks no one's looking. Of course Ripley tells people he's not gay, but then again so do Rosie O'Donnell, Ricky Martin, and Ed Koch. Take it away, Liza!


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