It does not escape my feminist eyes that the institutions the DUC emulates and fetishizes are patriarchal, homophobic, and antipeace. Is it subversive for these women to re-envision the military on their own terms? By exploring the subtext of dominance and submission and eroticizing the power dynamics of the military, they create their ideal fantasized world. It is an elaborate one, and it is their own. They are unabashed fans, not critics, of the armed forces.

General Butch: "There are some current military and ex-military who might have feelings about a bunch of s/m dykes who are not military wearing a uniform. Our response to them is that we endeavor to wear and instruct people on the wearing of a correct military or law enforcement uniform and hold it in the highest respect. We honor those who wear them to defend our country and our safety." I could almost see the stars and stripes billowing in the wind behind her, but who cares? She sure does look hot in that uniform.

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