Time Bandits

But if inhabiting a number is the measure of this revue, it has to be said that all too often Comstock and his sidekicks-coconceivers, Hilary Kole and Christopher Gines, are just singing songs. Only occasionally do they bring unshakable conviction to the 62 pieces rendered entirely or in part. Comstock, who has a relaxed manner Sinatra would have approved, does his best work on the Matt Dennis?Tom Adair ''Everything Happens to Me,'' implying the combination of bitterness and resignation that lies just under the surface of the words. Kole, who looks like one of the beauties Sinatra chased at MGM, has the most fun with ''I've Got the World on a String,'' when she follows her natural instincts for jazz noodling. Gines, sounding the most like Sinatra, is as deep as his hero on ''If You Are but a Dream,'' but also as callow on ''Ol' Man River''--a piece Paul Robeson ''inhabited.''

The playbill says the formal wear was supplied by Chaps Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis. Which sums it up: This pleasant-as-it-reminisces survey is to the indelible Sinatra as Chaps Ralph Lauren is to Purple Label. --David Finkle

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