Bully Boys Of The Century


Dec. 23 Ryan Vandenbussche (chi) vs. Jamie Pushor (dal)

Bob Probert (chi) vs. Grant Marshall (dal)

Well, well, well, how about a double dip? Vandenbussche and Pushor get things going with their own version of punch-the-clown—Vandenbussche taking the decision from a game-yet-overmatched Pushor. But it's just a stagesetter for the main event, as living legend Probert really brings 'em to their feet in Chi-town with a classic haymaker-fest versus Marshall less than 30 seconds after the undercard. Marshall gets in his share, but in the end Proby is just too much, thumping away until Marshall can take no more.


Dec. 23 Jeff Odgers (col) vs. Rob Ray (buf)

That this one turns into a rock 'em-sock 'em slugfest is no surprise as these two toughies are well-known for their toe-to-toe approach to fisticuffs. Odgers has no equal in the heart department and proves it here by outlasting the rambunctious Ray in a center-ice free-for-all.


Dec. 26 Dennis Bonvie (pit) vs. Ryan Vandenbussche (chi)

Straight off the set of Slapshot 2 comes Bonvie, ready to draw and fire at a moment's notice. More than willing to oblige the Pens' pugnacious prizefighter is Hawk he-man Vandenbussche, and the two titans get it on with a do-si-do that sees Bonvie taking the decision—barely—in one of the year's best so far.


Dec. 27 Peter Worrell (fla) vs. Reid Simpson (tb)

Worrell is back from a long stint on the Panthers' injured list, and Simpson is back from a season-opening stay in the IHL before gaining a second life by being traded to the Lightning. Put 'em in the same rink and whaddya get? A center-ice soiree, of course! In the finale of a fight-filled affair, Florida style, Worrell is just too big for Simpson, repeatedly finding the range with a right-hand haymaker, much to Reid's dismay.


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