Thank you for an honest review of Anna and the King["The Emperors' Old Clothes", Dennis Lim, December 21]. As a Thai, I found this film ludicrous in the extreme for its complete distortion of our history, its ignorance of customs and protocol surrounding the monarchy, its dreadful dialogue, and most importantly, for its reinforcement of that totally mythical view of my country—wherein a foreign teacher of questionable origins wields tremendous influence over a monarch who was actually far more educated, intelligent, and far-sighted than herself.

Bongkojpriya Yugala
Bangkok, Thailand


Having just read the latest article in Mark Schoofs's series "AIDS: The Agony of Africa", I would like to compliment Mr. Schoofs on both the adroitness of his language and his sociocultural observations.

As a nurse practitioner working specifically in the area of HIV/AIDS, I was particularly moved by the author's clarity of prose in describing dire circumstances in such a distinguished manner and with such eloquence.

Kathleen L. Neill
Boston, Massachusetts

The series of articles by Mark Schoofs onAIDS in Africa has been excellent. The proportions in which this disease is killing are breathtaking, and I appreciated Schoofs's straightforward and sincere approach.

I have forwarded copies of his articles to my colleagues who are working in the medical field in Sierra Leone and Côte d'Ivoire.

K. Isatu Barrie


Thank you for Peter Noel's continuing coverage of the violent and fascistic tactics of the NYPD. Generally, I think the Voice is crap (especially the pretentious, largely incomprehensible, mighty white arts coverage), but Wayne Barrett and occasional gems by Guy Trebay and writers such as Blanche Boyd make it worth a look. Your paper is the only publication in town that I can count on to publish voices that the daily rags and the NY Press ignore.

Nicholas Mulcahy


Karen Cook's article about the Sierra Club controversy in New York City was outstanding ["Green vs. Green", December 21]. So often journalists seem to get only part of the picture, but she got it all. As a longtime Sierra Club activist in New York City, and the chair of the group's ecological restoration committee, I congratulate you on publishing this excellent article.

Rachel Treichler


Tricia Romano hit it right on the money with her article on Krust ["Welcome Home to the Jungle", January 4]. His new album is experimental, good, but hard to follow, while Aphrodite's album is, well, why even buy it?

Kori West
Seattle, Washington


Re Michael Musto's La Dolce Musto:

Tooo f*cking funny. I just moved to L.A. from Washington, D.C., and can't bring myself to read the L.A. Times. I read The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the VV online.

Thank God for the Internet 'cause Musto's column started my morning off with a laugh and a smile. I love his candid honesty.

Cheryl A. Black
Los Angeles, California



I'm a first-time reader of Michael Musto (picked it up from The Drudge Report). Since I'm one of the older generation, it was with some trepidation that I opened his piece. But I enjoyed his stuff. I'm awarding the sniggle of the day to his gossip.

Sina Segura
New Iberia, Louisiana



I enjoyed reading Donna Ladd's article ["Apology, Please", January 4], but I feel that she mislabeled the Rutherford Institute as "ultra-conservative." This is a label we got stuck with during the Paula Jones case. The Clinton spin machine was very effective for a short time in trying to demonize our work. People also try to politicize us, but we are not a political group either. In fact, I am personally apolitical.

We are a civil-liberties group that has taken on a variety of cases. I do appreciate both Ms. Ladd's coverage and The Village Voice.

John W. Whitehead
Rutherford Institute
Charlottesville, Virginia


* In last week's Press Clips, an editorial regarding APBNews.com was misidentified as having appeared in The New York Times. The comments quoted appeared in The Washington Post.

* Due to a tabulating error, four "Films of the Century" were incorrectly ranked in last week's Film Critics Poll. The accurate rankings, available in full at www.villagevoice.com/take/one, are: (8) The Passion of Joan of Arc; (9) Au Hasard Balthazar; (10) Rashomon; and (22) Seven Samurai (tied with M). Due to a production error, four films (The Straight Story, Boys Don't Cry, Go, After Life) were incorrectly ranked in J. Hoberman's piece "The Big Picture."

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