A New Kind of Crisis

The Security Council Declares AIDS in Africa a Threat to World Stability

WHAT AFRICANS WANT MUCH MORE THAN TESTING soldiers is increased funding for development of a preventative vaccine and treatment for the infected. Ransome-Kuti has long castigated African governments for not trying to ration the drugs. Deciding who gets treated would be "difficult, since I believe so much in equity," says Ransome-Kuti. "But treatment for none of the millions of our people who are HIV-positive, that is absolutely dreadful."

"This is a continual struggle," says Holbrooke. In East and Southern African villages, one finds grandmothers who have lost children, and so are forced to raise their orphaned grandchildren. "On Tuesday morning, life will not have changed for them," Holbrooke notes. "But we can help the next generation."

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