The Isaacson Connection

AOL's Love-Hate Relationship With 'Time'

Novak confirmed via e-mail that Gilder "makes some of my investments," but said he saw "no conflict-of-interest in writing about his political activities" and "no need to burden my readers with the uninteresting and insignificant fact that he is my broker."

Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, who started this month, doesn't think Novak's views are influenced by the financial connection. But when it comes to the appearance of a conflict of interest, he says, "it's better to err on the side of too much disclosure, rather than too little."

Talk's Model Behavior

  • The current issue of Talk features an interview with Gerald Marie, who resigned as European president of the Elite model agency last November, after the BBC ran a documentary alleging that he favored sex with underage models. Talk's exposé of the BBC's allegedly shoddy methods was reportedly so compelling that ABC canceled plans to broadcast a version of the BBC show.

    But was Talk the reason ABC canceled—or was it the defamation suit Elite filed against the BBC last month? ABC, the BBC, and Elite had no comment.

    In the meantime, British journalist Alexander Chancellor has deemed the Talk story tasteless. Regardless of Marie's guilt or innocence, Chancellor wrote in The Daily Telegraph last week, "What matters is that Talk seems to have agreed to present his case favourably in exchange for making light of the highly disturbing issue of the way model agencies treat their young girls."

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