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The skinny Blair, meanwhile, told me she terrified Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, and Prinze murmured to me, "She touched him and he got scared. Women don't know how powerful they are. Men live in constant fear of them." "But my mother taught me to be a nice girl," cooed Blair, batting her lashes. And an observant one; Blair noticed that my age-inappropriate notebook had Britney Spears on the cover, embarrassingly enough. I explained that it was flat-chested Britney, before she hit, um, puberty. "Is that what they call it?" cracked Prinze. These kids are going to be fine.

Going for an even younger demographic, Barney's Musical Castle is the most popular dinosaur epic since that Santana album. The Radio City Musical Hall production has the purple one going up the right mountain to check out the castle decor and return a crown to the king. At least that's what I think it was about—all through the thing, the three-year-old behind me was kicking my neck and pounding my back in a rather distracting manner. At intermission, we were treated to The Wiggles, four Australian bachelors who feverishly danced around while singing lyrics like "Hot potato, cold spaghetti, mashed banana . . . " We slurped down all of the above at the after-party, then pushed screaming kids out of the way to get our picture taken with Barney. He copped no attitude whatsoever, and I found myself developing a sort of lavender crush on the guy. (Dinosaurs don't know how powerful they are.) Does this mean I'm gay?

By the way, kiddies, downtown divo Michael Schmidt has a flashy new jewel in his crown. I hear Schmidt's nabbed a deal to dress the women in the Charlie's Angels movie, and having promoted the drag-rock club event Squeezebox for years, he'll undoubtedly know just what to drape them in.


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