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Most straight men and lesbians feel she's grouped just fine, but in any case, the new Jenny is married to her Diamonds director John Mallory Asher, "and I feel so complete. When I watch the movie, I see in my eyes that I'm so filled with love, I'm beaming right off the screen!" Still, Diamonds wasn't a girl's best friend when it came to measuring up to legends Douglas and Bacall. "I was dying inside," McCarthy told me. "I felt a little inexperienced next to them." And she seems pretty experienced. She was actually fine in the part, but maybe she's more comfy in Scream 3, though she's not sure because she hasn't seen it yet. (Screenings have been scarce.) McCarthy never even got a full script, "I guess because with Scream 2, the word got out on the Internet, so this time they made it more secretive. On the set, we were all asking each other if we're the killer." Could they possibly be minimizing the screenings because the flick's a stinker? "No, it's real good, baby," she laughed. "I'm in it now!"

All right, she might not be the Person of the Century, but McCarthy is extremely vivid and does poke wicked fun at herself; in fact, her main appeal has always been that of a Playboy Playmate who's willing to pick her nose and eat it. She displayed glorious grossness on her MTV sketch-comedy series, and nowadays, her favorite show is the Learning Channel's graphic Trauma: Life in the E.R.—not surprising since she went to college to become a nurse. "I'm only grossed out by toes," she revealed, cringing. Hmm—with me, it's fake penises.

Oh, one other TV-related development: E! is drumming up a possible late-night talk show starring that walking mass of machismo A.J. Benza. He doesn't stuff.

Beaming right off the screen: Jenny McCarthy with husband-director John Mallory Asher
photo: Alex Berliner/Berliner Studio
Beaming right off the screen: Jenny McCarthy with husband-director John Mallory Asher


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