'The New Yorker' Sells Out

Writer John Seabrook Lives to Tell the Tale

  • George Trow, 34, 38, 99; calls Tina "a great girl in the wrong dress," 41, 211

    Editors Circle

    Some job moves look more like returns than departures. Case in point: Marjorie Williams has quit her Vanity Fair gig to write for Talk and The Washington Post. The migration makes sense in hindsight: When Tina Brown signed her for VF in 1991, Williams was a staff writer at the Post.

    Williams was courted to write a weekly op-ed column by Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt. "She's smart, she understands politics, and she can write where the personal and the political intersect," he says. Hiatt has also just hired Charles Lane as a full-time editorial writer. Prior to his stint as editor of The New Republic, Lane was a foreign correspondent for Newsweek; Hiatt is putting him on the foreign policy beat.

    Finally, GQ articles editor Ilena Silverman has jumped to the Times Magazine, where she joins Gerry Marzorati and Michael Pollan. Way back when, all three were editors at Harper's.


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