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Ballet for Weirdos: Smash Through to Sunlight
photo: Dona Ann McAdams
Ballet for Weirdos: Smash Through to Sunlight

For Giroux's character, the balls represent task, challenge, burden; for Ballester, Sara Hanley, and Heather Kravas, they reconfigure a somewhat treacherous landscape of memory. The shards of music (by Xenakis, Evelynn Glennie, Bourgeois herself, et al.) and the sculpted shapes of light by Ana Cappelluto catch the three dancers in mysterious activities. At times the movement, loose and soft, shows a slight Trisha Brown likeness; at other times the three repeat tauter actions, like windmilling their arms, to the point of obsession. Unconscious Landscape is elegantly designed, hinting at more than it tells. Bourgeois's life story may be buried within it—only slightly less secretively than it is in Gathering Wool.

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