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A Long-Running Feud Between an Aspiring Rapper and an Undercover Cop Ends in a Controversial Shooting

Roper-Simpson charges that Pearson "is being subjected to constant harassment" by correction officers. "This is occurring because Mr. Pearson is alleged to have shot an officer," she declares. In a complaint to the city's Department of Correction, Roper-Simpson charged that some correction officers warned Pearson "that they know where his dad lives and that they see him all the time. They also stated to him that they know his sisters." Pearson is being set up by the officers who wrote "Red ID" (indicating that he was a gang member) on his inmate card. Pearson has no gang affiliation, the attorney says. "That code was placed on Mr. Pearson's card to make his time spent at the correctional facility miserable."

Additional reporting: Danielle Douglas

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