With a government-estimated 97 million overweight Americans, according to Hanne (who throws in the caveats, "Over who's weight? Over what weight?"), there's plenty of audience for all this media bounty. And a segment of this audience may or may not be overweight. Fat Admirers (FAs) are men and women who like fat partners. They too have fat admiration Web sites, personals, columns in magazines, organizations, and events to meet fat mates.

Among FAs, fat can be not just admired, but fetishized. The Women We Love section of the Dimensions Magazine Web site (www.dimensionsmagazine.com) features pictures of celebs like Kirstie Alley, Alicia Silverstone, and Kate Winslet, and text which tracks and celebrates their weight gains. For some, there are even computer-enhanced photos to add on pounds converting skinny stars to Rubenesque celebrities. Calista Flockhart, beware. Some of the fetishism reads very tongue-in-ample-cheek. The cover of Plumpers magazine touts "Over Two Tons of Heavyweight Honies" and U.K.-based Belly (subtitled: "Where Fat Chicks Are Cool") advertises "Future Fat: Welcome to the Next Bellennium."

Big Big Love covers the vast terrain from fat as fetish to finding the perfect vibrator, while helping women and men come to terms with their size as it relates to their sexuality. Like my personal crush Camryn and all the sexy fat girls out there, Hanne has proved that she's got dangerous curves—and she ain't afraid to use 'em.

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