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And now, shall we dig into the valley of the wardrobe closet for some wearable items? I hear the terrific Jeanette Wallsouts Matt Drudgein her upcoming book, Dish. His Gap dress must have been stained. According to mydish, Mary Wilsonwants $3 million for that possible Supremes reunion tour, but Diana Rosssaid, "If she won't take two, we'll get someone else." (Come on, ladies, where did our love go?) Meanwhile, Madonna's been causing a supreme stink by blabbing everywhere about how her homosexual minion, Rupert Everett, is so hot because he doesn't seemgay (which is arguable in itself). It's that same old tired "straight-acting" bullshit that we usually bash ourselveswith! The "American Pie" server enthused to Vanity Fair that Rupert's "not obviously gay, and he's got a really macho vibe about him!" And she just told Next, "I think Rupert is a fantastic gay role model because he doesn't really fit into middle America's preconceived notion about what gay men are: that sort of effeminate, nellie, queenie, gay personality . . . He's actually quite butch." Gee, thanks, Madonna! Me, your brother, your old dance teacher, the cast of your "Vogue" video, your fans, and everyone else you know are just thrilled to realize we're not fantastic role models! How Weill.

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