Boro Park Betrayed

Behind the Alleged Political and Police Cover-Up in the Killing of Gidone Busch

Mrs. Boskey emphasizes her son's virtues. He wrote poetry. He was just starting his own Web-design business. He took care of her when her sister passed away last year. "He would go out with the intention of befriending and feeding drug addicts," even bringing one to her Long Island home.

In her living room last week, Mrs. Boskey proudly showed a Voice reporter a lovely, illustrated book of poems that her son wrote during the final months of his life. She turned the pages to one of her favorites, titled "The Grateful Earth," in which Gary recounts a trip he took to the cemetery where members of his family are laid to rest. It ends:

I sang out at the top of my lungs
Cause not a soul in this place had any objections to honesty
Or any objections to truth

And I took comfort in my friends and family
Who were resting in the earth.

Now his mother takes comfort in her slain son's words.

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