Mark T. Conard
St. Joseph's University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Norah Vincent replies: Far from having, as Mr. Irwin contends, given a "misleading summary" of his essay on Socrates and Seinfeld, I quoted from it directly. If the summary is misleading, it is his, not mine. As for Mr. Conard's essay on Nietzsche, the point was not to argue about whether or not Kramer is Nietzschean, but rather to show that using a sitcom to teach philosophy has the effect, in my opinion, of dumbing students down instead of asking them to rise to the challenges of difficult texts.


  • Daily News reporter Michele McPhee's name was misspelled in Peter Noel's article, "Poster-Boy Perp," in last week's issue.

  • The photograph of Robert Anton Wilson on last week's Choices cover was miscredited. It was by Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis.
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