Bend Over, Boys!

Since anal pleasure is still taboo in American culture, anyone who admits to being a backdoor betty is on the front lines of sexual liberation. As women, since we are already positioned as the receptive, penetrated partner, we need only reorient ourselves to focus on the other orifice. Men, on the other hand, are the penetrator, the active partner, the pencil to her sharpener. Straight men are coming out of their own closet (who knew they had such a fabulous one?), proudly saying (like they do in the video), "I want to get fucked in the ass!" and "I love getting fucked in the ass!"

These guys have gotten over their shame and fear and embraced all the ass has to offer: those nerve endings, that sensitive tissue, and the pleasures of prostate gland stimulation. A few inches inside the rectum and toward his navel, the "male G-spot" and a world of ecstasy await. Even Bob Berkowitz, former host of the CNBC show Real Personal and current host of an Internet radio show called Love Bytes on E-Yada, has joined the bandwagon. During his interview of me in January, he admitted to all his listeners that he had experienced—and enjoyed—prostate stimulation. And this, my friends, is the stuff of revolutions.

Fear not: Women can get in on the revolutionary sexual equation too. In this new reorientation, straight girls can wield dicks (dicks— they're not just for dykes anymore!) and see how the other half fucks. As they try out the role of active penetrator, hetero girls can slip their tongues, fingers, and cocks inside their male lovers' bodies, learning how to give and get pleasure in a (w)hole new way.

So does this mean men are finally getting in touch with their "feminine" side? Yes and no. Yes, they can be the receptive partner, be on the other end of a hard cock for a change, and maybe get to know what it's like to give it up. But guys, you can take it up the ass and still be a man. So what are you waiting for? Straight men of the world, unite . . . and bend over.

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