Haider is no stranger to New York City, where he ran the marathon last November (time: three hours, 30 minutes), and was a guest of honor, along with Rudy Giuliani, at this year's Congress of Racial Equality festivities on Martin Luther King Day. Last week, although he was in Austria, he was the focus of a demonstration outside the Austrian Consulate here. Protesters railed against his party's inclusion in the Austrian government, and some called upon him to state openly that he is gay. Although Haider, who is married and has two children, remains mostly mum on gay issues, the Freedom Party is on record against same sex-marriages and the existence of gay and lesbian clubs.

Of course, the modish fascist harbors grave doubts about the abilities of blacks to run a government. During a 1995 trip to Africa he told Austrian public television, "I've visited friends in Namibia [the former German Southwest Africa] together with my family because I wanted to find out how living together with the blacks is when they got the majority. It's really a problem with the blacks. Even where they got the majority, they can't run things. It's totally hopeless with them."

A Haunting Refrain
King and I

Who said the following? "As far as Rep. [Peter] King's opinions are concerned, I could hardly care less. . . . His accusation of grandstanding is laughable given that there is little in Mr. King's singularly unimpressive legislative record to suggest that he is motivated by anything other than a compulsion to utter provocative sound bites. I have never met a single other Republican who felt that Mr. King spoke for the party or for any Republican other than himself. Indeed, the only 'Republican' organization I have ever noticed Mr. King represent is the Irish Republican Army. Mr. King says that I have put my own ambitions before the party. If by that he means that I intend to run for president, he knows something I don't, and his argument is self-contradicting."

Answer: John McCain in The Hill newspaper, December 1997 (uncovered by The National Review). King, who recently broke with the GOP hierarchy, now heads McCain's New York campaign.

Light Fantastic

U.S. astronauts had sex in space to help NASA figure out which positions work best in a weight-free atmosphere, according to recently unearthed 1996 project reports. The experiments called for participants to fuck in 10 different ways, often in an inflatable tunnel where wall straps held participants together. Other positions involved couples floating in space. Previously, a Russian cosmonaut was rumored to have had sex on a space station and a British astronaut said she'd had "fantastic experiences" on MIR as she floated around in a pink nightie. NASA did not return repeated phone calls.

Additional reporting: Kate Cortesi

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