James M. Henderson
Staten Island

Nat Hentoff replies: Then, as now, I am a knee-jerk believer that all of us, including the police and the Giuliani administration, are bound by the Constitution of the United States. That includes the Bill of Rights, which Giuliani ignores. Then, as now, the woman who accompanied me was my wife, Margot. I am still a Jewish atheist civil libertarian pro-lifer. I do remember the incident, and I appreciate your help.

Romancing Brontë

Jane Eyre is a work of great originality, power, and depth, however much it's considered the ancestor of romance novels, and that smirk-and-sensibility-loving Michael Feingold ["Old Home Weak," February 22] can kiss Charlotte Brontë's ass.

Nancy McClernan
Weehawken, New Jersey


In Jennifer Warren's article "Showtime at the Apollo" (February 22), the weekly readership of the New York Amsterdam News was reported as 30,000. According to the publisher, the paper's weekly circulation is 30,000; its readership is 180,000.

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