Variety as Spice

In Paragraphs on Wind, Karl Anderson, David Figueroa, Sean Mueller, and Green join the women. The dance is full of beauty, and the crowd adores it. There's good music by Yarden and a stunning light installation by Peter Terezakis that climaxes the dance: Vertical fluorescent tubes, like ancestor spirits, flash in erratic rhythms from the church balcony.

However, I start wondering, as I often do these days, about passages that—although personally imprinted—seem like part of a generic vocabulary. In this piece, I feel a predominant dynamic and a rhythm of step-hop or step-step-step-hop, etc. The hops aren't dinky little things, mind you, but big, flying jumps in which the dancers spread out in the air and maybe tumble and roll before rising to jump some more. They do this wonderfully, but it can begin to seem self-perpetuating, their nonstop litheness and springiness making them look unaware, as if the dance were doing them, instead of vice versa.


Paul Taylor Dance Company
City Center
Through March 12

Martha @ Mother

Allyson Green Dance
Danspace St. Markís

Interestingly, Green's wry homage to the 1990s doesn't display this contemporary penchant. Czech offNineteen 9's is full of variety. Ahern plays moodily with her hair, wearing a Bausch-style '50s dress and heels, while Figueroa and Ott, in biker shorts, stand on their heads. Green herself blends 19 choreographers' nine most hated or loved movements into a salty goodbye to the decade. Onward!

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