Radio Free Internet

A Low-Fi Guide to Online Radio

Considering the large number of immigrants in New York, it's odd that the city has so few ethnic radio stations. On the Internet, you can hear what you'd otherwise be missing. Some of my favorite way-international channels include Toronto's, which broadcasts in 12 languages, the refreshing Thai pop station Radio No Problem (, China's Chongqing Radio (, and, best of all, Radio Walf ( * REAL-TIME AIR CHECK: insanely great Senegalese pop music.

Louisiana music, with its boundless diversity, plays around the clock—and the globe—on New Orleans-based station, a pulsating font of zydeco, blues, r&b, jazz, Cajun, rock, African, and other essential roots diversions. WWOZ is so cool it broadcasts the city's annual Jazz & Heritage festival. » REAL-TIME AIR CHECK: "Blues Get Off My Shoulder" by Bobby Parker and "I'm Gonna Unmask the Batman" by Lacy Gibson.

illustration: Lloyd Miller

Though I'll be sad to see it go, who needs pirate radio when you've got the Net? The world's best dance-music station—OK, second-best, after the sophisticated multiculti mix of Paris's legendary Radio Nova (—calls itself pirate radio, but it needn't. InterFace ( may be run by a couple of old pirates, but the techno, acid, drum'n'bass, and dub they stream is strictly tomorrow. They've archived recent studio sessions from Coldcut and Dimitri From Paris, complete with video, and guest DJs like Leftfield's Paul Daley and the Orb's Alex Paterson pop up on a regular basis. * REAL-TIME AIR CHECK: watching DJ Lord Kaos flip off the camera and exit the studio.

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