As a news journalist writing often on the subject of South Africa's horrifying, spiraling AIDS epidemic, I was impressed with Mr. Schoofs's grasp of the political complexities of our situation, and I greatly appreciate the attention he devoted to it.

The majority of our population is still in the grip of myth, taboo, fear, and denial on the subject of AIDS, presenting a fearsome challenge for government anti-AIDS programs in the best of circumstances.

Anything less than a totally unambiguous message to the public will only exacerbate an already desperate situation.

Adèle Sulcas
Johannesburg, South Africa

Trebay Nominated for GLAAD Award

Village Voice staff writer Guy Trebay has been nominated for an award in a competition sponsored by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Trebay's May 11, 1999, feature "The Enemy Within" was cited for inclusion in the "Outstanding Newspaper Article" category. This is the second consecutive year that GLAAD has recognized Trebay's work.

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