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Life's fab all right—things seem to click for this woman in magical fashion. She told me that the producers known as the Tamperer heard her vocal on a cry out for men called "Wanna Drop a House on That Bitch," written by a friend ("He was in love with this man who was married, so he wrote the song about the wife"). The Tamperer remixed it with a Jacksons song and came up with "Feel It," her first hit, which happened simultaneously with Rent and was followed by Superstar—my favorite New Testament rock musical, and not something the pope needs to apologize for.

Discuss that show with Days, and she flings theater, biblical, and street lingo into the debate as if tossing a very dope salad. "Jesus—Glenn Carter—has a wicked voice," she told me, "and Pilate—Kevin Gray—is giving you drama. He is so grand and so beautiful. In the show, he wears Nazi-type jodhpurs and boots, but then he has the Pilate crown thingie. He was, like, the fifth Phantom." (Alas, I stopped going after number four.)

Mary Magdalene? "She is a fierce, fierce lady—the purest soul onstage because she's the most honest. Even Jesus, when he sees Gethsemane, he's like 'I'm scared now. I'm not with this.' " But Mary is eternally ready—"and she's a modern woman because she sings, 'He's just a man.' "

Days has even thought out how Mary's different from Mimi: "Mary used to turn tricks to eat. Mimi turns tricks to get high." Well, the gymnastically able actress performed tricks of her own on the high bar in Rent, and in Philadelphia, Equity said they'd close the show if she continued to be so brazen. "But in London," she remembers, "the director said, 'Equity doesn't care if you fall and kill yourself. They just want a really good show. Just do what you want.' That was great!" Oh, Maya! That's it—end of Days. Well, end of Days interview. Beginning of Days.

Now get away, Dr. Laura, before someone drops a trailer on you, too.


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