Tips for Tricks

Respect boundaries. Sex workers have their own rules and limits, and most will tell you up front what the deal is. Don't try to push those limits or test them. Don't agree to one thing and think in the back of your mind you're gonna get something else. That's not the way it works. (Matt's other complaint about badly behaved clients: "When a john tries to shove his dick in your ass without asking first and without a condom—that's a pet peeve of mine.")

Business versus romance. "Understand it is a business transaction that can be mutually pleasurable, but it isn't a date or a romantic encounter," says Matt. Eva agrees: "Don't ask me too many personal questions or if I have a boyfriend. And don't tell me 'I love you.' I don't want to hear that." I asked Eva what she wished every parent would teach their sons about hookers: "Just because you're paying, you don't have to treat someone any differently. Show her respect the way you'd show any woman respect."

There you have it—consider it a buyer's etiquette guide. Next time you take out your dick and a wad of bills, make Miss Manners, Martha Stewart, and me proud.

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