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Is 'The Advocate' Getting Savvy or Selling Out?

Wieder's latest coup: She has arranged for Michael to sing a duet with Garth Brooks, which she says "could be the emotional centerpiece" of the show.

Dobbs sees the hype as a "harbinger" of "more media manipulation" to come.

Citizen Mort

Imagine you're the editor in chief of a major daily, and your boss decides to fire you. How would you rather find out: from the boss, or from a gossip column in a rival publication?

When Mort Zuckerman decided to replace Daily News editor Debby Krenek last week, he didn't give her a choice. It appears that before telling Krenek the news, Zuckerman had it leaked to the New York Post's Neal Travis. In his March 21 column, Travis speculated that Zuckerman was about to replace Krenek with Ed Kosner—a prediction that came true two days later. On March 23, Krenek resigned.

Talk about keeping someone in the dark: Sources say Krenek first heard her job was in jeopardy from a Daily News editor, who spotted the Post item when it came off the press at about 1 a.m. and called her immediately. After hanging up, Krenek called Zuckerman to ask about the rumor—to which her boss replied, "I can neither confirm nor deny it."

Krenek did not return calls. Zuckerman declined comment on private conversations.


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