Evolving Amazins Look to Move Up

Baseball in the Big Apple: Two Teams, One Ticket-Tape Parade

Coach: As for the ever beleaguered Bobby V., well, love him or hate him, the Mets skipper always says what's on his mind, and all the media people who can't stand him (and their numbers are legion) will surely be sorry to lose all the good copy if they do finally get what they've been salivating for since he got here in late 1996—that is, his head on a platter. As one who mostly finds himself on the other side of that sour Greek chorus, here's hoping Valentine finds a way to sheathe that sword he always seems so bizarrely ready to fall on.

Prediction: To quote the bard, Bob Murphy: Fasten your seat belts.

It's Up to You NY, NY: Yankees

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