The Five-Finger Club

In an industry where videos depict 30 men ejaculating on one woman's face, girls being double penetrated, and other unconventional activities, why is fisting considered obscene? "People think of it as violent, that it hurts. But it can be a slow, loving, consensual experience on the woman's terms," says Chloe. "I think the word fisting misleads people—this is not the Fight Club."

Chloe's latest attempt to push the envelope is her starring role as a fisting guru in The Fist, the Whole Fist, and Nothing but the Fist (Elegant Angel Video), released last month. Chloe decided to do the film because she believes there isn't enough information out there: "People come to me all the time—other actresses, crew members, fans—for advice and suggestions. They want to try it, but they want to do it right." In the video, she leads 12 female porn stars (seven of whom had never been high-fived on the inside) through the basics of technique and safety. By the end, 10 of the women get vaginally fisted, and actress Felicia Ann also takes a hand in her ass.

The jury is still out on the distribution issues, whether enough retailers will agree to carry the video and if it will sell. I have a feeling it will, since audiences are starved for information on the subject. Greene applauds the effort: "Like s/m, fisting has moved inward from the fringe to the mainstream to become part of the menu of sexual activity. When there is more depiction of it, there's a greater understanding and a greater interest in the practice itself." For Chloe, the video was mission accomplished: "It was amazing to witness—to see these women getting off in a way that I have been personally getting off for years. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life."

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