Are We in a Police State?

Nervous Cops Pull Triggers

"Some of the most inexperienced officers in the police force are the ones on the front lines making undercover drug buys," the article said. Deputy Police Chief Thomas Fahey explained, "We try to get people who don't look like police officers, and those are normally the younger ones."

Even if she's acting solely for political reasons, I give Hillary Rodham Clinton credit for speaking out so forcefully on the indefensible evasions of the awful truth by the mayor and his janissary Howard Safir.

An independent prosecutor is now essential to bring this city back to constitutional control, and there has to be federal supervision of the department, as has happened with the New Jersey State Police and in Pittsburgh.

Why not make this man police commissioner, too?
photo: Fred W. McDarrah
Why not make this man police commissioner, too?

In countries ruled by aspiring dictators, you were safe on the streets—except from the regime's unrestrained police.

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