Food Fight

Students Boycott Campus Dining Halls to Protest Prisons

Funding the campaign for this ballot initiative were a slew of corporations, including Chevron, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Hilton. They gave money to show support for former governor Pete Wilson, who championed Proposition 21 when he was planning to join the presidential race. Instead, executives at Hilton and Pacific Gas & Electric had to cope with students storming their premises. Proposition 21 ultimately prevailed, though the battle against it laid the groundwork for future antiprison activism.

A student protester occupies the president’s office at SUNY-Albany.
photo: Julia Xanthos
A student protester occupies the president’s office at SUNY-Albany.

Now, Prison Moratorium Project leaders are getting ready to go to Washington, D.C., where thousands of protesters will converge this week to rally against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Anti-Sodexho activists will hand out their pamphlets and stickers. "There is a growing anticorporate sentiment on campuses," says Pranis. "College students and young people are looking for a way to express their concern." With their anti-Sodexho campaign, Pranis and his allies are giving students another target.

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