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Even with the edits, Psycho has a certain dark appeal, though Turner—who's slated to play porn legend Betty Page in Harron's next feature—said, "I saw it in Berlin and I was the only one laughing." We agreed that people here might be more open to the humor. But at this point, the third victim, the divine Chloë Sevigny, walked in and wasn't that open to questions about her omnipresent H&M store ad campaign. "I really don't want to talk about it," said Chloë, horrified. "I'm trying to pretend it's not out there. We all need a payday every once in a while. I'd rather do that than a bad movie that's going to be around forever." And she's turning down bad movies left and right, which is why, she said, she has not one thing on her plate after Psycho.

Moving on to bad TV, how about them there Oscars? "I was really disappointed," said Chloë, who was a Boys Don't Cry nominee and a second-row attendee, but still found herself watching everything on the nearby TV screen. "It was more comfortable and familiar," she said. "Like, to see Jack Nicholson onstage, I'd rather just watch it on TV!" She wished the whole thing "had been more of a tearjerker. I wish something more interesting would have happened." Like winning? "No, I knew I wasn't going to win. It was just a given that they were going to keep it in the family and give it to Jolie—they like the showy parts. She was good—I mean I'm not downplaying her performance at all." But how sick is it that she's doing the brother? "Oh yeah—it's the last taboo," concurred Chloë, and we all had a good psycho laugh over that wild party.

In other Boys Don't Cry news, hotshot director Kimberly Peirce has been hanging out very conspicuously with Courtney Love. She wanted to hear Hole, didn't she? Meanwhile, boys don't lie, and as sure as I'm a feisty Jewish woman, they've been telling me that Fashion Wire Daily's Joe Dolce might land a power job at PlanetOut, which owns the two biggest gay magazines, The Advocate and Out. Maybe he can get me the money I'm still owed by Out. Then I could afford full-priced tickets to really bad plays.


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