Foul Ball

Why Giuliani Dissed Upstate Republicans for the Yankees

Giuliani's frequent outbursts against reporters—and his obvious contempt for the press—have yet to hurt him politically. But now, as the media introduce him to readers and viewers across the rest of the state, his shrill, paranoid, and often hostile responses only serve to reinforce Clinton's depiction of her opponent as a temperamental time bomb. Despite six-plus years of kid-gloves treatment, poor Rudy believes that he has been unfairly hounded by biased lefty journalists who secretly wish that David Dinkins was still mayor and the streets returned to their purported Dodge City days. You know Rudy secretly wishes he had come up with that "nattering nabobs of negativism" line uttered almost 30 years by Spiro Agnew.

And speaking of that bygone era, Giuliani, already possessing some rather Richard Nixon-like paranoia, appeared to take a page from Tricky Dick's playbook with his recent private prayer session at Gracie Mansion. Granted, it didn't have the gravitas of Nixon and Henry Kissinger in the White House's Lincoln Sitting Room shortly before the eve of the president's exile from Washington, but it was still very weird.

Only after repeatedly besmirching the character of police shooting victim Patrick Dorismond (and being widely criticized for that brutal assault) did Giuliani decide he needed what Reverend Michel Faulkner called "pastoral counseling." Faulkner, a longtime Giuliani supporter, is pastor of Manhattan's Central Baptist Church, and can deliver all of 67 votes. In the wake of the Dorismond slaying, an enraged Faulkner presented his pal Rudy with a particularly unpalatable demand: Repent or resign.

The Mayor—in his favorite uniform—marches in the 1998 Pulaski Day Parade.
photo courtesy of Newsmakers
The Mayor—in his favorite uniform—marches in the 1998 Pulaski Day Parade.

So far, Giuliani has picked none of the above. And City Hall has refused to provide details of the 45-minute Faulkner-Giuliani session, which is probably a good thing. Because the thought of the mayor kneeling down in the Wagner Wing, Bible in hand, Yankee cap on melon, is almost too much to take. Pray with me, Rudy!

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