The Clinton-Reno Rule of Law

With a May 11 Court Date, Why the Rush?

Meanwhile, two days before the taking of Elián, Gregory Craig—a lawyer for Clinton during the impeachment process who now represents Elián's father and has gone to Havana to consult with Castro—sent a letter to all the network news chiefs. Craig implored them not to broadcast any pictures of the raid because Elián's father "does not consent to this kind of exploitative television coverage of his child."

He was asking for censorship, a Clintonesque ploy to facilitate the cover-up of the SWAT team raid.

Keep in mind—as the great majority of Americans, including editorial writers, show approval of the raid—that the INS agents were not breaking in the door of a drug dealer or a serial murderer. They dragged out a six-year-old boy. And remember that Reno's friend, Aaron Podhurst, who was mediating the negotiations until moments before the agents rushed in, told The Wall Street Journal (April 24): "I'm gravely disappointed that the government had to use force when I think we could have worked things out."

And on April 19, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said Elián's great-uncle and the boy himself had "presented a substantial case on the merits."

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