Elián’s Future in Cuba

The Fate of a Six-Year-Old Boy

"Are we really prepared to send these children back to their countries without an independent adjudication of whether they might face danger back home? To do so would set a dangerous precedent for other refugee children who need and deserve our protection."

Clinton and his shadow attorney general were in a rush to avoid a careful, independent adjudication of Elián's fate. Both Reno and Clinton should read the April 18 condemnation of Cuba by the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva. It cited that nation's "continued violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms."

Meet Elián’s ultimate father.
photo: AFP photo
Meet Elián’s ultimate father.

And now, on May 11, thanks to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, Elián may finally have his real day in court—and may yet live in freedom, unless sent back by Clinton, Reno, and public opinion.

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