Royal Paeans in the Ass

Cheeky White-Chick Rapper Princess Superstar Minds Her Own Business, Butts Into Yours

Last of the Great 20th Century Composers is also enhanced with, believe it or not, four cleverly silly Atari-like video games. Designed by Jonah Brucker-Cohen, the suite of games, entitled "How to Be a Superstar," begins abruptly with an image of Concetta's face, accompanied by her shouting "I RULE!" The Princess parodies Lara Croft, dissing sucka MCs left and right. Another game features her head as a spaceship in an Asteroids-style challenge, in which space rocks are shaped like major label logos. One game even lets players (not to be confused with player-haters) plan out a dance routine for the Princess.

So where does Princess Superstar the self-made icon end and Concetta Kirschner the daydreaming full-time wage slave begin? According to everyone involved, it's all one big party. Concetta met Curtis Curtis a few years back through his girlfriend, who had worked with the Princess at a Manhattan pizza parlor. The Corrupt Conglomerate was modeled in part on Concetta's day job as a secretary, which also provided her a loan with which to create the record label. Her day job also informed her sensibilities as a businesswoman, which she recently explained in a self-penned how-to article published in Bust magazine.

Truth or Derriere: Concetta Kirschner gets rich off the backseat.
photograph by Svend Lindbaek
Truth or Derriere: Concetta Kirschner gets rich off the backseat.

All this, in the face of an album conceived as a step toward more presence in the hip-hop community. With a tour and video also in the works, and a recent collaboration on It-boy rapper MC Paul Barman's debut EP, Concetta's looking forward to getting her gluteus maximus in gear. "I love being on stage. That's when I'm the happiest, when I'm vibing with the audience. And then there's the fact that there are B-boys. But we won't go there." And for those who dare besmirch her booty-shaking royal masterpieces, Princess Superstar will be the first to suggest where to stick it.

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