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Who just screwed me big time? (Not many people, actually, but Brett BeasleyJerry Falwell's mouthy second cousin—promised Poz magazine an exclusive with their cover story, which I wrote, about how he has HIV and is reaching out to Falwell on the subject. The mag flew him to New York, photographed him, took him to lunch, and reminded him about the exclusivity. But the itchy-fingered, self-promoting press demon just couldn't resist calling the dish in to the Post first and even spilling all to a tabloid! How neg.)

What legend—and I'm talking big legend—is so desperate to play the Ann Miller role in the upcoming Roundabout production of Follies that she's hounding Sondheim to give her the role? What actor had a choice between Arms and the Man and Copenhagen and, erroneously enough, chose Arms and the Man? What singer was so anxious to play the Brooklyn waitress in the upcoming Shaft movie that, after having done a poor audition, she made a home video of her performance and sent it to the director via one of her goons? (Alas, she got the shaft because the envelope with the video had no information written on it and just lay there languishing, though the powers-that-be finally did take notice when she called them, screaming, "Why the fuck haven't you called about my tape?" She still didn't get the part.) What movie will acclaimed director Kimberly Peirce follow up Boys Don't Cry with? (She'd like to star Courtney Love as convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos or perhaps as a fictional vigilante powerhouse who wields a double-barreled machine gun.) Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? (I am, George, I am.)

illustration: Brian Biggs


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