Sex and Silence in D.C.

When we refuse silence and instead are loud, out, and proud of our erotic acts, we make the most basic of political statements about sexual freedom. Such a statement was not on the agenda of the HRC or the MMOW. Like other conservative segments of the gay and lesbian civil rights movement, these groups would have us believe that in order to achieve equal rights, we need to divorce our sex from our politics. But that denies the power of sex. Who we have sex with, how we have sex, why we have sex is inherently political. What terrifies the religious right is that we love and fuck people of the same gender. Antigay protesters referenced it in their "Fag Sin" posters, but marchers played it down, down, way down.

Perhaps it was the attempt to sweep sex under the rug that made me so obsessed with it all weekend. Everywhere we went, I wanted to have sex. I had lesbian sex, kinky sex, sadomasochistic sex, public sex, even polyamorous sex (for all of you preppy gays, that means with more than one person at the same time) every chance I got. There in the land of politics, I became a political beast, compelled to make a political statement over and over and over again. And I've got the sore muscles to prove it.

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