Numbers Nora Ephron swears her latest, a John Travolta?Lisa Kudrow lottery-scamming caper, is not a romantic comedy—like that should make us any less fearful. The last Ephron-Travolta alliance, Michael, was not a romantic comedy—whatever it was, we can still smell it. July 14

What Lies Beneath The Sixth Sense will not go unfleeced. Michelle Pfeiffer is haunted by a girl's unhappy ghost, and hubby Harrison Ford sets out to solve the case. Robert Zemeckis directs, so you know it'll escape being memorable or recognizably human. July 21

I Was Made to Love Her It's either incomprehensible or all too predictable that it's taken this long for Chris Rock to get his own star vehicle, and perhaps a rickety one at that, since it's a re-remake (of Here Comes Mr. Jordan). The ubiquitous brothers Weitz—co-directors this time out—may run the risk of stretching themselves too thin. July 28

The Legend of Bagger Vance Robert Redford epiphanizes the Steve Pressfield Buddhist-golf novel about a mystical 1930s links match involving a war vet (Matt Damon) and his enlightened caddy (Will Smith). August 4

Space Cowboys Clint Eastwood playing the age card, as one of four old Air Force pilots (the others are James Garner, Tommy Lee Jones, and Donald Sutherland) sent into orbit to repair a 1950s satellite. Hooey for retirees. August 4

Bedazzled Brendan Fraser hops on the multi-personality/alt-destiny bandwagon with this fantasy, in which a tech geek sells his soul to the devil (Elizabeth Hurley, natch) for seven wishes and seven differ-ent personalities. August 11

Was Robert Zemeckis Unavailable?

Disney's The Kid A Trumpian, cheap-retro, syntactically daft title (Disney is the kid?) and a queasily high concept (slick yuppie meets himself as a little boy). But with Bruce Willis (that rarity—an under-appreciated Dead White Male), the setup becomes less Liar Liar, more La Jetée. It could happen. July 7

Child Labor

Dinosaur Digital Cretaceous-ness, except the sauropods are voiced by Kiefer Sutherland and Joan Plowright. May 19

Titan A.E. Matt Damon, in a bold opportunity to act without his teeth, voices a teen refugee (and, from the look of the worryingly anime-manqué stills, gym rat) fighting evil aliens. A dozen writers have their hands in this pot o' CGI, but writing by committee often works in 2D (see Toy Story 2). June 16

Chicken Run Chances are Aardman's free-range claymation will be the one Mel Gibson movie worth your time (the Patriot voices a mouthy American rooster). This farm-as-microcosm revolutionary parable (feisty hens up in arms) should satisfy those who balked at the second Babe movie. June 23

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle This resurrection of everyone's favorite non-sequitur cartoon is a Tribeca Production, meaning Robert De Niro had a passionate need to play Fearless Leader. Jason Alexander and Rene Russo are Boris and Natasha, which suggests little improvement over the 1992 Dave Thomas?Sally Kellerman version. June 30

Pokémon the Movie 2000 The last movie's "First Movie" claim turned out to be dreadfully prescient; will there be two a year for the rest of our lives? July 21

Thomas and the Magic Railroad A full-length feature of what on TV is only fascinating to toddlers in five-minute chunks. The Teletubbies Movie cannot be far behind. July 26

Teens at Risk

Boys and Girls Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani do She's All That?meets?When Harry Met Sally, though Blair Witch's Heather Donahue is present to balance the bland-sitcom factor. June 2

Crime and Punishment in Suburbia Dostoyevsky by way of Dawson's Creek; Ripe's Monica Keena kills her father and then pays the price. Next: Joshua Jackson as Prince Myshkin. July

Scary Movie Relabeling Scream If You Know What I Did Last Halloween with Kevin Williamson's old Scream title, the Wayans boys pull a Mel Brooks on the recent jump-and-run teen yowlers we're all tired of anyway. July 7

But I'm a Cheerleader Natasha Lyonne gets sent to gay-rehab camp, where she meets up with RuPaul's butch counselor and Cathy Moriarty's rabid head-mistress; fellow inmates include Michelle Williams and Heavenly Creature Melanie Lynskey. July 7

Loser Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari go to college, though he continues lusting haplessly after unattainable princesses and she continues lusting effectively after old guys (here, it's her prof Greg Kinnear). But the redoubtable Amy Heckerling is running this show, which means we shouldn't think we've seen it before. July 21

Mad About Mambo Felicity's Keri Russell (whose haircut/popularity correlation has received Aniston-worthy scrutiny of late) in an Irish romance. A Minnie Driver homage? July 21

Skipped Parts Two teens fumble their way toward coming of age—distracted on the way by Jennifer Jason Leigh as a neglectful mom and Drew Barrymore as a fantasy apparition—in Tamra Davis's early-'60s drama. August

Save the Last Dance White kid Julia Stiles has trouble in her new inner-city school until she meets up with black kid/fellow rug-tearing enthusiast Sean Patrick Thomas, and nothing matters when they're dancing. August 11

Jump A spoiled teen (Kirsten Dunst) feels threatened when an underdog inner-city cheerleading team threatens her squad's preeminence. August 18

Auteur of Duty

Small Time Crooks Woody Allen, presumably in his stale but thank-fully glib Bullets Over Broadway mode, does a bumbling heist movie, with Jon Lovitz, Tracey Ullman, and Hugh Grant rounding out the cast. May 19

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