Lucky Stiff

Getting and Spending, According to Condé Nast

Almost exactly three years later, Barneys Co-op is back, Pressman-less, at 236 West 18th Street, trying to catch the wave of new money that is presently engulfing far West Chelsea. In fact, the new Barneys Co-op looks a lot like Jeffrey, the high-fashion store on 14th Street just off the river, what with its plain racks of bright clothes and flowing, open space. The merchandise is still pretty sexy, in a late-'90s, Sex and the City way: A recent sweep-through took in tie-dyed, bejeweled halters, $355 cowskin-printed pink feedbags, suede skirts with scalloped hems, and pairs of frayed Daisy Dukes trimmed with what looked like tiny red headlights by a company called Groovygirl, a brand that would be right at home in the pages of Lucky.

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