Ricky Rich

Lazio Knows Where to Get the Big Bucks

Lazio must be doing something right by these big-business types. The nation's most generous lobby, the Realtors PAC, gave him only $1000 in '97 but $9000 in '98 and $5000 in '99.

Now he needs really big bucks. Judging by his past record, he'll get it. And under the media's radar, Lazio is likely to use his money to pepper voters with direct mail, shrewdly targeted, as past accounts have shown he's done. His aides will spin the media skillfully and merrily: At least one key member of his new crew, Mike Murphy, came over from the McCain campaign, so look for "openness"—and maybe even a campaign bus full of reporters—to compete with the secretive service that Hillary gives those who clamor after her.

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