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At the party at Guastavino's afterward, we pee-ons clutched for cheeseballs and Cynthia Nixon, who's delightfully dry as Miranda, the Eve Arden/Celeste Holm character. Nixon was horrified that I'd been a Sex virgin until that night, but all was forgiven when I told her she's the Eve Arden/Celeste Holm character ("God bless you!"). Will Miranda commit to the doofy but decent boyfriend who's trying to get her to do so? "I think she will—for a time," Nixon said, on her way to the dinner. "Nothing is forever on Sex and the City." By the way, though one Sex character says the country was fucked by Nixon because no one wanted to fuck Nixon, they don't mean Cynthia.

As I left, Kim Cattrall—the show's sex-crazed Samantha—was telling a young woman, "Your outfit is so Samantha!" The babe was wearing a faux leopard skirt, flashy fuck-me pumps, and way too much jewelry. It was a very cute exchange—but I still won't watch The Sopranos.

Women eschew firemen's hoses, and in fact all male tools, in But I'm a Cheerleader, a thin but very bright farce about a camp that unsuccessfully tries to deprogram potential queers. ("A stunning social commentary," says John Travolta.) At a party celebrating the New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival opening-night showing of the film, its droll star, Natasha Lyonne, told me, "I don't even know if my character Megan's necessarily gay. She just fell in love. Then again, the girl she falls in love with was her first orgasm. Maybe she does like the puss." The puss? I love this girl (if not the puss)!

Cynthia Nixon: "Nothing is forever on Sex and the City."
photo: patrick mcMullan
Cynthia Nixon: "Nothing is forever on Sex and the City."

As for that sly puss, pop cheerleader Christina Aguilera, my sources swear that her backup-dancer beau broke up with her between songs! No wonder halfway through the set the vocals seemed to get a little bitter as the choreography soared.

Finally, Madonna—who, I hear, they're turning into a laser—is understandably upset that her upcoming song "Music" was leaked onto the Internet, but there's a ray of light. It's trippy, retro, electro, and fabulous—her best record in years! Michael Musto says: "You should not miss this"—when it officially comes out in four months, that is.


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