Making Money Like Crazy

Out With the Poor, in With the Rich . . . and Into Lazio’s Coffers

In 1997, when interviewed by a CNN financial-news reporter about public housing, Lazio was asked whether rent control should be scrapped in New York City.

"Well," Lazio replied, "that's going to be a local issue, but there's no doubt that we need to ensure that we protect people of low incomes, seniors, and the disabled. People that are making . . . $250,000 a year, though, do not need rent protection."

Just call him Al D'Amato Jr.
photograph by Michael Sofronski
Just call him Al D'Amato Jr.

A noble view, but hypocritical. Now wealthy, Lazio gets "rent control" from his landlord. The price of Lazio's spacious headquarters in downtown Bay Shore remains at a dirt-cheap $500 a month—as it has for several years.

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