'She Was 12. They Shot Her.'

Two Million Have Been Killed

Francis Bok's slave narrative continues: "I was given as a slave . . . . When I came into my master's house, Giema called the whole family to meet me. They all had sticks. They all beat me and they laughed and called me 'Abid, abid.' Slave, slave.

"I escaped twice, and was caught. They said they would kill me if I tried again. But I could not stay there. I prayed. Every day. And I ran away.

"I also came here today [to Congress] to call on all Americans of goodwill, especially my black brothers and sisters whose ancestors suffered as slaves. You must help us. The world has turned its back on us. But you must reach out your arms to us. We are your brothers and your sisters. They are killing us."

Is anybody reading this—black, white, Jewish, Christian, Muslim—listening?

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