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Speaking of Rick Lazio, I asked Kim who her choice is for the Senate and she responded, "I can't say. They're gonna have to show me something I can believe in." (Yeah, like his schedule for Gay Pride Day.) As for President, she said, "I'm leaning more towards Bush." "So you like Bush?" I beamed, licking my lips over the utter deliciousness of my esteemed wit. "Well," she said, rethinking it, "I can't say I like that." Once again: Neither can I!

But I like Bull—as in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle—and though Jason Alexander's Russian makeup makes him look Japanese and DeNiro's light comic touch could stun a, well, moose, I felt the movie bordered on amusing almost as often as it teetered on rottenness. The real Moose Murders was the after-party at Galactic Circus, that Times Square glitz arcade, where we were given $50 worth of free games, but when we went to redeem our winners' coupons, we were all handed the same tiny bag of minuscule action figures and balloons. Whoever said life was fair, Christina? (I did—and managed to manipulate a large talking squirrel doll from a publicist later on.)

At the party, designer Nicole Miller said her kid liked the movie but cried when the people turned into vegetables. Well, I openly wept on seeing the plate in front of me positively filled with the fuckers! Fortunately, there was real food to be found—even some noncontroversial chips.


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