Giuliani Owes NYPD an Apology

A Cop: ‘People Are Tired of Being Harassed’

During a remarkable series of interviews with New York police officers in the April 6 Daily News, a white detective in Brooklyn, on the job for nearly 20 years, said of the constant pressure from Giuliani and Safir to make arrests: "People are tired of being harassed, searched and frisked, and run off the streets. The cops are, too." Other cops interviewed for that story agreed.

Sheryl McCarthy (April 3, Newsday), reporting on the wave of arrests of blacks and Hispanics for trespassing as they visit friends or relatives in public housing projects, wrote:

"During a recent arraignment of a man charged with trespassing in his grandmother's building, Brooklyn judge Joseph McKay sounded exasperated: 'God help somebody if they are visiting a grandmother or somebody and she is not home. . . . You spend 24 hours in jail.' "

But the pressure from City Hall continues in certain neighborhoods. In Mount Hope, South Bronx, 19-year-old José Alvarez tells The New York Times (June 25): "They don't know young people get up in the morning just like they do and go to work. . . . If I stand in front of that building, they come and tell you to move. If you don't move, they arrest you. . . . They bother you for everything."

Part of Giuliani's legacy has been his unwillingness to police the NYPD, thereby making many New Yorkers fear all police.

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