If, out of $2.5 billion bet legally nationwide on sports in 1999, WNBA sports action remains genomic in scope, the reason is simple, claims John Harper of Las Vegas Sports Consultants. "The large percentage of bettors are male," says Harper. "The WNBA targets women, women athletes, and kids. You won't see a lot of sports bettors from that group."

Maybe not for long. Obviously, we're a bona fide gambling society. Where is it written that sports betting comes from an exclusively male gene?

Blinded by the Light

Anyone who listens to Mets games on WFAN has no doubt heard countless repetitions of the commercial in which Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen shills for the New Jersey Eye Center's laser eye surgery. In the latter part of the ad, Cohen explains that the NJEC is now featuring something called the "flying spot laser," which incorporates the "radar tracking system used in the Strategic Defense Initiative," i.e., Star Wars. Given that the SDI's missile-tracking performance has fared worse and worse in each successive test, shouldn't someone really give Cohen a new script?

Contributors: Allen St. John, Mark Winopol, John Stravinsky, Paul Lukas
Sports Editor: Miles D. Seligman

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